Michael FEATHERS – Masterclass Reducing Technical Debt June 2022


Want to get more out of your legacy systems? More performance, functionality, reliability, and manageability?


Join this course and learn how Technical Debt is a catch-all term that we use for entropy in software development, and techniques along the continuum of team-coordinated refactoring, rewriting, and advanced team practice to maximize the potential of your existing code base.

Systems grow, become unruly, and difficult to work with. When this happens, we often know that we can do better, but it is hard to take concrete actions which help us get a strong a sense of control, over the evolution of an entire code base.


In this course, Michael Feathers will share what he has learned about efficiently making big changes in large software projects.

This course contains material beyond what Michael outlined in his classic book Working Effectively with Legacy Code, and is more focused on large scale change.