Domain Modeling Made Functional book written by Scott Wlaschin

Domain Modeling Made Functional with Scott WLASCHIN- Online Workshop: 21-24-28 september 2020, 1-5-8-12-15 october 2020 (2 hours session each day)


Online Workshop in Live Streaming with Scott Wlaschin.
The orginal 2-day workshop will be split over 8 two hours sessions : 21-24-28 september 2020, 1-5-8-12-15 october 2020, from 18.00  to 20.00 pm (CEST) each day.

Functional programming and domain-driven design might not seem to be a good match, but in fact functional programming can be an excellent approach to designing decoupled,reusable systems with a rich domain model. This workshop will show you why.

This will be a hands-on workshop designed for beginners in functional programming.

We’ll do lots of exercises and build some small projects that take us all the way from high-level design to low-level implementation.

Workshop format:

Each session is two hours long, with a space of three days to allow attendees to work on each part to easily integrate it.

Each session starts at 18:00 CEST to allow people to attend it after a work day.


We will be using F# as our development language. No experience with F# needed.

Instructions on how to install F# and configure your workstation will be provided before the workshop.

The workshop will be held inEnglish, so understanding English is mandatory.

Dates and Timing: The workshop will take place online and in live streaming on 21-24-28 september 2020, 1-5-8-12-15 october 2020, from 18.00  to 20.00 pm (CEST) each day.

To attend this workshop, you’ll need a stable internet connection (20MB in download). It is advise to check your connection’s speed.

Maximum number of attendees: 20 participants.


Online Workshop – How does it work

The workshop will happen online and in live streaming: the trainer and all other participants will be in a video conference. You’ll be interacting and working together in real-time thanks to a variety of tools you’ll have at your disposal.

The workshop will keep its highly interactive and hands-on spirit despite being online.
This is why we require that all participants keep their webcam on for the whole duration of the workshop: this will enhance the quality of the communication and of the workshop as a whole.
You won’t be sitting at your desk watching slides and videos, and you’ll be engaged in real-time activities for the majority of the time… as if we were in a real classroom!